Services Overview


Project Coordinator/Client Liaison

Like an extra employee when you need one, PDSI can work with you or your staff to facilitate the project coordination process. This may include coordination with consultants, attending meetings as your representative and many other tasks required to complete a project on time and within budget. When you factor in the many costs associated with overhead, hiring PDSI makes a lot of sense.


Land Planning

  • Subdivision Layout - specializing in single and multi-family infill sites
  • Rezoning/Development Plans
  • Special Exception and Special Permit Plats
  • Processing of Rezonings, Special Exceptions, Special Permits and Variances
  • Public Hearing Process - Coordinate submission packages, meetings with county officials, pre & post staffing, response to comments and notices
  • Final Subdivision - Coordinate submission package, track the review process through all agencies, coordinate with sub-consultants and assist with post-submission conferences/review comments.

Feasibility Studies

Simply put, PDSI can coordinate one of the most thorough and complete feasibility studies in the area.

Landscape Architecture

  • Landscape Planting Design
  • Coordination of Tree Preservation Plans (TPP)
  • Coordination of Existing Vegetation Mapping (EVM)
  • Project Exhibits and color renderings


Is your inability to keep up causing you to lose business? Why not let PDSI help you get the work done! PDSI has subcontracted with many of the areas top development consulting firms to make sure the project gets done right and on time.


PDSI works for a number of different entities from large publicly traded builders and developers to small local organizations. We serve churches and other private organizations and we assist individual homeowners as well as entire homeowner associations. PDSI has worked with some of the nations largest developers and projects with hundreds of acres and thousands of units.

We hope that you, too, will be one of our clients!